Hi! We're Brooke and Jess, and we're so happy you've found our blog

Brooke is a college junior majoring in Recreational Therapy at Grand Valley State University, in Grand Rapids, MI. She loves deep metaphors, relatable/inspirational quotes, writing, reading, listening to musical theatre soundtracks, and all things crafty and creative. She also just happens to be autistic, and was diagnosed at 17.

Jess is a high school junior at Palmetto Bay Academy in Miami, FL. Some things she loves are learning about almost everything, reading, writing, studying etymology, laughing as hard as possible, clever wordplay, and geeking out to Star Trek, Sherlock Holmes, and Marvel. At age 13, she finally received the diagnosis of autism.


On this fabulous blog you are currently reading, you will experience the wonderful written words of us; the owners of this awkward excuse of a blog. Showing an honest perspective of our lives with autism, we will bring you the latest and greatest information via our opinions, personal stories, and creative writing pieces.


We hope to constantly keep you thinking in different ways, changing your perspective from the ordinary to the extraordinary. 

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